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Questions people usually ask me...

Do you take requests?

As far as I'm concerned, requests are very important to the success of the party.  Each crowd is different and has different tastes in music.  Taking requests allows me to get a feel for what music your guests like.  But, I do use discretion in what requests I play.  I don't play every song that someone asks for.  I play requests that I feel are appropriate for the event.

How much does it cost?

There are a wide variety of costs involved in hiring a DJ.  Some charge more, some charge less.  Some DJ's charge based on experience.  Some have larger, more extensive light-shows or large amounts of sound equipment.  Some have big music libraries.  It is a good idea to shop around to get a DJ that will fit in your budget.  Call me for a rate quote at 1-877-252-2708 or email me.

Are there any set-up or tear-down fees?

No. I charge by the hour per event.  You are not charged for my set-up and tear-down time.

When do you set-up for a party or reception?

Typically, I arrive and set-up about an hour to 45 minutes before your party begins.  My goal is to always be set-up and ready to play music before your first guest arrives.

What kinds of music do you play?

All types of music.
I bring new hits, oldies, 70s and 80s music.  Country and standards.  Everything from rock to rap to dance.  I have a music library of over 11,000 songs, and I subscribe to a new music service so I always have the very latest hits.  Usually, requests from your guests help me decide what to play at a given event.  Also, before your party we will discuss what types of music you like.

Can I specify songs or types of music I don't want played?

It is not uncommon for someone to ask that I don't play a certain types of song.  Or sometimes I'm asked not to play specific songs.  If during your party I get a lot of requests for something you've asked me not to play, I will make sure I get your permission before playing those requests.

What typically happens at a reception?

There are traditional events for receptions, like the cutting of the cake and the Father-Daughter dance.  But this is your reception.  We're going to do what you want to do.  Click here for an example of a typical wedding reception format.  I provide a guideline for what often occurs at a wedding reception, but in the end, everything is totally up to you.

Will you announce the wedding party or make other announcements?

Certainly.  An important part of my job at any event is making announcements.  Another part of my job is to make sure the event flows smoothly.

What type of equipment do you have?

I use a Kustom amplifier and speakers, along with a Gemini mixing board and dual-tray professional CD player.  I also have a wireless microphone for toasts.  In addition, I carry a laptop computer that I use to help catalog my large music library.  With over 11,000 songs, its really helps to be able to search my music database to find the song I need.

I also have a set of colored/blinking spot lights to illuminate the dance floor area.

Where will you DJ at?

Mostly I DJ in Kosciusko and Whitley counties.  But I have also DJ'd parties and wedding receptions in South Bend, Goshen and Fort Wayne.  In other words, I'll DJ all over northern Indiana.  (Distance premium may apply.  Ask me.)

Were you that "Splash" guy from 103.5 FM?

Yes, that was me.  I've since left radio for a career in teaching, but I'm still doing DJ work on weekends.


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